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10-01-2011, 06:17 AM
short term
  1. Ping and Probe..during engagements its to easy to loose allies location and finding enemies can be time consuming. It would be nice to launch a probe from your area map and get a since of dIrection. Ping could be used as a here I am or even a HELP ME NOW button
  1. More lower lvl Abilities and less does a tactical ability cancel a engineering ability..example tact team vs engineering team
  • My KDF decloaks when I take an incoming message....FIX IT PLEASE
  1. Set destination from your bridge...I hear the the sector walls will be coming down in the future..(great idea)..I'd love to ride out the trip on my bridge and on the view srceen see the stars going by ,maybe the crew saying " I hear we're heading for the neutral zone. We are going to see some action."
  • Planets need some attention...I'd like to see fully mapped planets, perhaps minning equipment..It's hard to believe I still come across anomallies stuck in the ground making my scanner useless...this is easily the biggest sore spot in the game.I hate when I have to beam down to the planet for a run around scan this scan that. But not to seem like I'm the space improvements,the optional shooter mode,You're doing good....still aways to go.
  • Incoming Hail..I'd like to see tells come in as incoming hails..a popup..or something similar..sector wide hail.