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10-01-2011, 06:26 AM
Currency consolidation is nice, but one of the appealing things about the ship token was that it was much more Trek-ish to be "issued" a standard ship at each tier, with standard gear. We're supposed to be in STARFLEET, people; do you think they made Picard pay cash out of pocket for the Stargazer?

Obviously extra ships have to be paid for in some way, so making you buy other ones you want for dilithium is needed. But they can't spot us ONE free standard ship at each tier? One free ship plus a somewhat reduced bonus of dilithium to spend as we please would be more appealing and make a lot more sense.

Since you can never sell ships anyway, there isn't any issue with gold farmers just getting them to cash out. I can't actually see how it was a good or needed change to take away the ship token, other than someone just decided it "needed" to be done.