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10-01-2011, 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by Trekker88 View Post
I can "attempt" to beam to the station right after killing the 50 ships, but is canceled by 50+ Neg'vars spawns and their 3-4 linked cloaked escorts steam role over the entire fleet.
Same here. We defeat the 50 ship's and can then attempt to board the station, but the neg'vars appear. I've tried hailin butt and bypassing the neg'vars to get to the station, but even then i dont receave and access to beam over to the Starbase. You must attack and defeat the Neg'vars, thats it. After you defeat the Neg'vars, the mission is over, but I still dont get credit for completing the mission. Everytime i test this, I have to manually drop the mission.