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10-01-2011, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by Havesum
Well, as far as how much lack of access they can get away with... I'm Cdr 3 right now, and stopped doing missions because I'm aggravated that I'm still in a LtC ship. I'm still messing with Doff stuff, but there's going to be alot of things which won't be adequately tested if this isn't fixed quickly. then, the snowball effect... things won't get adequately tested, then things which weren't adequately tested will go live, then people just checking out STO now that it's F2P see that it's a bug ridden mess, and Cryptic loses potential customers...
This is especially annoying since they're taunting us with all these "unique" and "unattainable anywhere else" special rewards for testing. If they want us to spend weeks leveling up a toon from zero in order to get the playtesting done, then they need to make it easy, or at the very least tolerable. I was NEVER held back by poverty and inability to afford level appropriate gear on any of my other captains when I started this game. I definitely won't be testing much longer if this is what I have to look forward to. And if this is what live is going to be like, I won't be playing there either.

And for people already ranking up characters; they not only need to fix this and put in more sources, and bigger rank up amounts of DL, but they also need to give a one-time DL bonus to ALL toons on the system that are above LT1, to make up for the complete lack of dilithium up to whatever rank they're at now.