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10-01-2011, 06:20 PM
No. Romulan Cruisers were designated exactly that: cruisers. battle cruisers on occasion but the term "warbird" directly and provably comes from TNG, when we all shat our pants the moment that HUGE FCKN GREEN THING de-cloaked in "the neutral zone" and in about 3 minutes of screen time made up for said episodes full on fckasrsery.

Later in secondary and tertiary works (games, novels) the terms get mixed up a lot.
Especially the new movie fcked up a lot by giving Warbird designation to klinker ships.

But in general trek consensus:
Warbirds is the term used for the Romulan mainstay fleet combat vessels.

The D'deridex is such a vessel, since its on all major Romulan deployments. The D'deridex class itself is again divided int othe subgroups based on fitting dates, equipment etc. Much like any navys ships, one ship is not exactly like the other. (compare Galaxy bridge mods for example they differ from ship to ship, so we can basically speak of revisions of later builds etc etc.)

the Norexan (like the Valdore - in Nemesis) would also count as warbirds, as they probably are slated to fill the same role as the D'deridex.

The romulans navy without a doubt has many more ships we have never seen yet but must fill the same roles as cruisers and frigates do in the other fleets.

The battlecruisers at narendra 3 ought to be a more modern design than the d7's the romulans got from the klinkers - remember that was many years after tos. I doubt the romulans would have just sad down on their asses never coming around to create their own warp capable ships. (and really that whole no warp pre klinker thing from Balance of terror is just wacky anyway but hey its canon...)

How they might have looked? uh well heres a difficult ques.... probably totally like a bird ship of sorts. You know, forward swept wings etc etc. The same shiite they built all the time.

And why birds anway? arent Vulcans and Romulans fixated on those murder-cats they have to share their worlds with? no?

But yep, the Crew of the Enterprise C had monster balls going back to that fight - ESPECIALLY SINCE there were survivors!!! (and no, i didn't see Sela coming until i heard Crosbys voice. man.. a kingdom for surprises in todays shows... i am to old i think.)