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Playing through the old missions just reminds me why I avoid them when ever I can- the A.I. that I think of as the "Hugs!" A.I.. Like Lennie this A.I. just wants hugs, it flies on top of you and stays there until you tell it about the bunnies and blow it up. The other variation being the Romulan Mogai Escort that uses evasive maneuvers to fly on top of you and then turn sideways so it can't fire its dual beam bank or dual heavy cannons at you, and then blows up on top of you. Its hard not to be disappointed in these A.I.'s because the A.I.s in Cryptic's first game, CoH, were so much fun and so varied. In the newer mission "Night of the Comet" new A.I. makes you feel like you're fighting Klingon's that want to you to die instead of them. So please, Cryptic, if you're going to make us play the old missions, update the old A.I.s.