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10-02-2011, 10:04 AM
They need to re-work where you access it from or the functions that's supposed to take place there. Having a space station like this parked right next to locations that offer the EXACT SAME amenities (if not more) is a job befitting the Redundant Operations of Redundancies Bureau, Redundant Chapter.

I propose that if they're not going to put anything in there that functionally distinguishes it from ESD or Qonos, then they make it accessible from anywhere via a transwarp-like ability (since it's supposed to exist in it's own pocket dimension anyway).

Of course, that solves the issue on how to get there and from where, but then there may be a problem with how the server tells you where to go when you leave the area (the game would have to remember where you were before you zoned into the pocket dimension instead of spitting you out in a fixed location), which I'm not sure is something the game engine currently has instructions for.