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10-02-2011, 12:49 PM
Short term goals:

More uniform/clothing options for Klingon Faction.

Show kits on Klingon Faction.

Med term goals:

Better ship and station environments. Feels like a shopping mall most of the time. Most of the people are just walking around aimlessly. Please give characters more functions.

Long term goals:

Add guild cities/stations. At this point, guilds feel the same as groups. Guild Cities/Stations would add function to guilds. Guild Cities/Stations could add player bonuses, social functions and special gear. Just some random ideas.

Add Bridge function. Star Trek isn't Star Trek without the bridge. Controlling the ship from the rear view is nice but that's not how Star Trek works. The bridge designs in this game are beautiful. Why waste it? Lets us at least spend time on the bridge while flying from place to place, instead of the rear view.