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10-02-2011, 01:08 PM
Definitely agree with this but how is this for a notion.. combine the tutorial into a short FE series run?

FE1 start off at starfleet academy where people can learn about basic movement and then for a finale send them off in a shuttle to Delta Volanis on a sort of courier run which of course ends in a bit of a battle with pirates.

FE2 would again be set in delta volanis against our orion pirates. The character is sent off in a Peregrine fighter to provide fighter support for a small fleet sent out to pacify the pirates. The admiral of the fleet is kidnapped off the bridge as the orions ambush the fleet using klingon technology showing their allegiance to the empire. The orions send an ultimatum to the fleet ordering it to stand down or the admiral will be killed. The character is ordered to take advantage of the small size of their craft to infiltrate the nearby asteroid field to attempt to locate the base as a starship would be too easily detected. Queue character engaging orions in the base.

FE3 gets you sent off as part of a crew to the Vega system on a survey mission when obviously the borg 'invade'. This would give the character getting their ship and field promotion and existing storylines can be expanded.

Just a basic top of my head idea but pretty sure ts what the OP sort of means. FE3 could even have an FE2.5 where the SS Azura is carrying a cargo which contains evidence of a possible future event to occur in the Vega system hence why its important to rescue it. Informaton could also be given of the conflict happening further out in Gamma orionis wit the Borg as a forerunner to the endgame STF's.