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10-02-2011, 02:46 PM
Originally Posted by Heezdedjim
Also, the Miranda really, really needs some help. It is far too slow and weak, and when you're hobbled with Mk I gear at LT9, it's downright painful. Even full impulse feels like swimming through cheese in this ship. Seriously, this little rowboat is single-handedly going to cull your F2P playerbase by 50% before they even see their first T2 ship. It's that bad.
And now that the truth about the "switch to dilithium" is slowly coming out, I realize of course that the Miranda being SO crappy is just the way to force everyone to pay for the C-Store starter ships. Though I have to say again, if as a brand new player I tried a "free" game that was this much of a lousy chore to suffer through without IMMEDIATELY forking over cash for basic gear, I would be looking for another game pretty soon.

Even for testing purposes, I don't see how they expect most existing players to put up with it until C-Store is turned on and everyone can get access to their inventory of unlocked ships. And then they'll have Tribble being tested exclusively by regular C-Store customers; which basically validates the approach they have chosen.