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Captains.. I would be grateful if you would review:
'Mere Mortal Enemies' (Part 1)- ST-HK7V4FLG8


'Mere Mortal Enemies (Part 2)- ST-HAQVTQOWP (currently to be found in "review content" tab)


"No plan survives contact with the enemy." -Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke (the elder)- Human Strategist, 19th Century.

"To Ghe'thor with escape pods! HELM...RAMMING SPEED!!" -Captain Bhoo'tse- Klingon Strategist, 23rd century. (Last recorded words)

Your Ship is to be the vanguard of a relief force inbound to Darien: A remote federation colony under siege by the KDF.

As events unfold you will soon learn that nothing about the battle for Darien is as straightforward as it first appears.


Mission features:
- designed for solo play, Fed31+ ,estimated duration: 60ish mins (most in depth dialog is skippable)
(NB:this mission will probably most appeal to players that are not in a rush to grind through content and are more interested in a decent story for their character to play a part in. )
- moderate amounts of space and ground combat.
-optional objectives, puzzles and branching narrative paths.