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10-02-2011, 06:57 PM
I found I had lots to do during LT rank. I was busy find how I could level my dip xp with missions (as I had forgotten them almost). I was trying to collect anomolies so I could start crafting myself some better gear - so I was running exploration missions. I was also trying to do the main storyline and get around the difficult parts (either by design or by bug). And I was also busy talking to people, starting a little fleet with people and trying to get my bearings in general, just like a new player would. So there is PLENTY to do. Heck I would STILL be there trying to figure out my skill system if I didn't already know that they will try and change it before f2p.

I really tried to pick apart the "how can I do this" points so I could collect more accurate feedback as a reborn new player.

The addition of a few more revamped style missions during lt and captain and RA UH would be great.

The miranda class is very limiting, but pretty sturdy. With 3 bridge officer slots and 3 powers it serves well to cover the basics. I had torpedo high yield, emergency power to shields and jam sensors. But I found my turn rate to be annoying and my travel speed up and down sirius sector to be very bad - but since I'm used to faster speeds I have bias. I guess my worst criticism about the old miranda is that is visually unappealing in the context of what other ships in startrek have on offer, like a connie or a galaxy. Like the oberth it is really a ship desired by a few fans of WoK and I would have really preferred a greaty variety in starter ships for f2p.

Ofc there will be an NX, and Oberth and a Connie on offer in the Cstore, and bought via dilithium. So I could pay cash or grind dilithium missions for a week or two at lt rank. (guess based of comments that the full economy isn't implemented yet as missions reward the wrong currency and wrong values).

I really would have preferred to start off in a Shuttle. The reason would be my ship being destroyed during the tutorial and I get out and save the day in my shuttle (lets face it those npcs in the tutorial in space would still be easy versus a type 8). Then after a mission or two (but before stranded in space - because its hard - so like exploration or SFA missions), I then qualify for a Runabout, and so on, I eventually get a Miranda at Lt rank 7 ot 8 and then I get a tier 1/2 ship like a nova on lt. commander rank.

That way I can very quickly see that I can progress in ships. That the ships get bigger and better. With more options. Benefits and drawbacks. And it keeps the new layer experience fresh because your not stagnating for long in one ship which you may not like. It also adds to the achievement buzz you get when you step up in games, and I'd like to start off small in a shuttle to do so.