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10-02-2011, 06:38 PM
I don't feel I am an elite player, in any regards. I found the climb to where I am now (Commander 4) only bogged down at LT because I wasn't playing efficiently. Once I started playing the episodes, I climbed fast. Once i knew how to avoid the bug with the transmission upload in Stop the Signal, and that I needed to be teamed to finish the boss, it was cake. For most of it I parked the Miranda, and used the captain's yacht. It gimped me, but I could maneuver.

I also didn't have any problems with gear. Maybe the loot tables were looking after me, but I always had decent white or green drops. What I didn't use I sold for the EC's, and when I ranked up to Commander I bought some shiny new weapons for my escort. There's nothing elite or exceptional about my gameplay experience over the last couple days. In retrospect, when fixing the bugs in some of the missions, they should consider leaving in the difficulty, to push you towards grouping to complete the mission. This is a social game after all.