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10-02-2011, 07:35 PM

TEAM NIGHT TUESDAYS: On Tuesdays at 9:30 pm EASTERN TIME, we'll have a player's choice event, mixing it up some with Events Planner Jaye! What we do depends on who comes, so get on Teamspeak and STO, and get ready to rock!

LOTUS FLEET ACTION WEDNESDAYS: NEW!!!! ATTENTION LOTUS FLEET, THIS IS A RED ALERT, ALL CAPTAINS TO YOU SHIPS! We will be having a FLEET ACTION EVENT! Hosted by Jaye, we will hopefully do one of the following Fleet Actions on STO: Starbase 24, Gorn Minefield, or Klingon Scout Force, depending on the levels of those who show. Itís going to be crazy kinds of fun, so hop on STO and letís kick some butt with our fellow Fleetmates!! It will be nine pm eastern time.

LOTUS FLEET HAZARD TEAM THURSDAYS! The Lotus Fleet Hazard Team will have it's first meeting Thursday at NINE PM EASTERN! Come one, come all and help us show other fleets the REAL power of the flower!!! This will be like an intro meeting, and everyone interested in PVP should show. Hosted by Gothamkitty and Battle Lion.

LOTUS FLEET SUPER SATURDAYS: This week we Mrallís alternate timezone event has been MOVED to allow for further attendance! It will be four pm eastern time on Saturdays, a playerís choice type of event, so those who show decide what to do. Be there or be square!

LOTUS FLEET HOLODECK SUNDAYS: On Sunday we will do a Foundry Mission Event, going through some of the best user-created missions on STO. They promise to be fun and exciting, a real display of talent. This will be at NINE PM EASTERN TIME.

And don't fporget to check out the Events Master Thread, with pics and sumamries of all the events we have done so far as well as the Lotus Fleet forums!


See yall around!