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10-03-2011, 12:54 AM
Great list, sir. I shall see right away if I have anything to add to that.

edit: okay here are my additions:

Ingeborg Lorina Carriveau - Human, Female, Crewman, Projectile Weapons Officer
T'Punmi - Vulcan, Female, Crewman, Projectile Weapons Officer

Dorcas Tora Zelechowski - Human, Female, Crewman, Armory Officer
Sanora Yun Willey - Human, Female, Ensign, Armory Officer

Mike Merrill Woodlee - Human, Male, Crewman, Technician Engineer

Dell - Tellarite, Female, Crewman, Explosives Expert
Terence Jason Bisher - Human, Male, bugged?*, Explosives Expert
Tyler Inger Sannon - Human, Female, bugged?*, Tractor Beam Officer
*two more cases of the rank icon without description bug

Keva Gemma Laprarie - Human, Female, Specialist, Astrometics Scientist
Kseer - Tellarite, Male, Crewman, Gravimetric Scientist

weird thing:
I also have a doff named Claudio Parker Mammen, but he's different than the one that's already on the list:
Claudio Parker Mammen - Human, Male, Crewman, Geologist
He also has a different portrait than the one from Inquizitor