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10-03-2011, 03:46 AM
To OP.
In regards to your problems. Honestly it sounds like you have something else going on with your system for your fps to drop so much.
Honestly I would try this before spending a ton of money.

1. turn off background programs (taskbar items, like steam, camera software, even some anti-virus programs like norton tend to slow down systems)
2. Don't run browsers with multiple tabs open at once.
3. itunes is a system hog if you have it, the same about real player.
4. extra trash programs put in by computer maker (unless home built)
5. kill any unneeded programs that are running in task manager. like many software updaters, java, logitech, adobe. Before starting STO.

Also you might check if you have multi-core rendering enabled in options under the video tab in the troubleshooting area.

As a gamer from way back when windows 95 had memory and video problems out the ying yang. Anything you have running in the background takes away from your cpu and gpu ability to run the game properly. So I turn off everything that my system doesn't need to run while I'm gaming. Thus I never have slow downs like your are having.

later I hope this helps with your problems.
Just so you know my system specs.

AMD II x2 550 @2.8ghz
8 gigs ddr3 ram
ATI 6670 with 1 gig ddr3
500gig WD hard drive.
Realtek onboard sound.
21inch monitor.