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Yet another suggestion thread. I've been having fun with the DOffs on tribble and look forward to release. I also read many threads saying gold just isn't worth it for many people. I'd like to see more people in the game and gold subs so Cryptic could continue adding content.

This is where my idea comes into play. I'm not a Trekkie but I am a fan so I may be mistaken about details but I remember alternate bridge crews being mention in TNG when the main cast was sleeping or off shift, that sort of thing. The B team if you will. However any decisions of importance I assume would be run by the captain or senior crew. So my idea...

Release a companion app on android and IOS tablets that let's you manage duty officers while away from the bridge. The way I imagine it you would have access to your DOff staff and be able to send out teams or complete missions as they come in. I know Fallen Earth has a companion app as well as WoW that allow varying degrees of interaction but STO screams for one.

The missions could be app specific or use the one available to you in the sector where you last left the bridge. Or maybe even be able to set a course for a different sector at a real time travel rate, like 1 sector per hour or so. Notifications could be sent when missions complete.

It could be developed internally to keep in line with the no 3rd party app rule and if it were gold sub only I think it could draw people to make that choice.

I'm no designer I don't know the specifics or man power needed but just an idea that I would think fits in well with the STO universe.

Yes no?