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10-03-2011, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by wolf421
To OP.
In regards to your problems. Honestly it sounds like you have something else going on with your system for your fps to drop so much.
Honestly I would try this before spending a ton of money.

1. turn off background programs (taskbar items, like steam, camera software, even some anti-virus programs like norton tend to slow down systems)
2. Don't run browsers with multiple tabs open at once.
3. itunes is a system hog if you have it, the same about real player.
4. extra trash programs put in by computer maker (unless home built)
5. kill any unneeded programs that are running in task manager. like many software updaters, java, logitech, adobe. Before starting STO.
I do all of that and the UI does lag to hell and back, especially when there are a lot of objects on the screen. This is the only game apart from RIFT that give questionable performance at all settings.

Their UI has always been garbage. I remember when looking through the accolades window would slow down the game bigtime. But now it's manageable. So they have done some changes, just not enough.


It seems that the lag for me is no longer there when a lot of objects are on screen.

I was in a match earlier with 5 carriers (lol) with no discernible lag.

I guess that mid-Sept patch did its job. Here's hoping it stays that way.