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10-03-2011, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Demosthenes01101 View Post
Eeeeeyeah, im not trying to say my statements are anything but...sooooo...yeah...
Burn the traitourous ovoid saucers!
I doubt anyone doubted you were stating opinion. The point was that telling someone that their opinion is not fact is kinda stating the obvious. Or did I cite references or otherwise claim I was stating facts?

UH, no. You cannot use the circular saucer from the t4 galaxy on the retrofit. Can't. Cannot.
Here's why: . Spend some time in the ship costumer or watch the reuniting animation with a monarch or venture saucer and you'll see what he's talking about and why the saucer has to have the oval silhouette.

Maybe you could just fly a sci ship, or stay in a T4 cruiser.