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10-03-2011, 10:05 AM
I mean no disrespect to you or any of the dev team but alot of these bugs that i am experiancing are very old bugs that have been around for months and months that where never fixed to begin with and i know there been lost of reports on them, for example, the bar fight where alot of the time some of the guys in the bar you can only take down so far so u have to leave wait 5 minutes and try again, dampening fields not disapating the whole time your in map, nighting gale some of the crew u can see in the cages, and several others, I know from what i have read in alot of the chat channels people are realy woundering are yall getting the bug reports that are filed, I am not complaining to be complaining, I just would like to see sto to become the game i see it can become, but to achive this these bugs gotta be fixed , soo just kinda woundering .