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10-03-2011, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Kirkalus View Post
I do not Know why people are surprised.

Just go and play ant Perfect World F2P game and you will find the exact same thing - Its great to a point - then it costs to do anything and it is made so you must buy equipment/buffs/potions etc. to be able to compete or even just play.

So really no surprises here,

just sit back and watch the game nosedive into oblivion,

F2P will not work in STO as it does in a fantasy game.
I don't see what people's big hangup is here. You're either paying a flat rate ($15/month whether you need it or not), or you're paying a little bit at a time when you want a little bit more (which could be daily, could be months before you find something you want to pay for, depending on the individual). You're going to be paying no matter what. Free to play is not ZOMG FREE GAME FOREVERZ, they could not support the game that way.

So instead they let people pay what they want to pay. Some will pay more, some less, but they're not under an absolute mandate to PAY $15/MONTH OR NO GAME FOR YOU, so guess what? More people play, and when there's more people playing, there's a bigger chance that a much greater number of them will pay for some $1 or $2 doodad than would pay a regular subscription price when it's an option rather than a requirement, and in numbers that outmatch what they can take in from a non-F2P model.

Also with a F2P model, there is a much larger impetus on the devs and producers to put out more content, which is a boon to both the company and customers. Instead of relying on the small but steady stream of revenue from a subscription model and putting out mediocre stuff when they get the money for it, they've got to keep pumping out content to keep players in-game and ready to buy stuff, as well as put things out that people want to buy. Let me say that another way: Instead of them spending money when they gather enough of it to give us stuff, they have to put out stuff or else they get no money from us. How is this not a plus for us?