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10-03-2011, 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by Kestrel_Falcon View Post
I'm curious, what happens to the toon we created in F2P test server? Will he/she be moved on over to Holodeck? Or will Holodeck move on over to F2P? Those are questions we are asking.
I'm not a dev, but I can answer those questions.

Characters created on Tribble stay on Tribble, period. They may get deleted if it's deemed necessary by the devs, and/or they want to ensure we're testing something from the start of the game (like they are now).

When Free-to-Play hits Holodeck. your Holodeck characters will remain available - I think the most direct change to them will be graphical changes and the economic changes - badges/marks becoming dilithium, for example.