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10-03-2011, 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by BeefTorpedo608
well, you gotta remember that even with a boost in turn rate putting it on par with an AC, it is still a bleeding space cow which any escort/sci/or excelsior-R even could camp behind all day long.
Try it against me. See what happens.

It is an unfortunate truth that 90%+ of Galaxy-X pilots are terribad. They fail and expect the ship's durability, lance, and cloak to carry them... and it doesn't.

Those that halfway know what they're doing can mulch through Escorts like a hot knife through butter.

No Escort in the game, bar none, including Birds of Prey, are capable of staying on my rear 24/7, to include the most skilled pilots in the game.

I know how to get my nose on any target I choose.