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10-03-2011, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by Munrock
I doubt anyone doubted you were stating opinion. The point was that telling someone that their opinion is not fact is kinda stating the obvious. Or did I cite references or otherwise claim I was stating facts?

Here's why: . Spend some time in the ship costumer or watch the reuniting animation with a monarch or venture saucer and you'll see what he's talking about and why the saucer has to have the oval silhouette.

Maybe you could just fly a sci ship, or stay in a T4 cruiser.
Welllll I understand why those particular skins cannot be used...but he didn't say the saucer has to have the oval silhouette, he said those particular skins would not work with the saucer sep because they were not designed to. One could conceive of a circular saucer designed to work with the saucer sep animation. But I'm not really saying they need a circular skin for the gal retrofit, im saying the need one on a modern looking skin for any t5 ship, (most likely cruiser). It could be a modern skin for the excelsior refit(retrofit?).

...did I really say to burn the traitorous ovoid saucers? Wow. I'm so dramatic.