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10-03-2011, 04:55 PM
HAHA! I failed this mission TWICE before figuring it out!

I wandered through all the corridors, checked out the holodeck, made sure you didn't need to buy them from a vendor, read all the plaques... then suddenly it dawned on me:

If I get these stupid chips from a console... shouldn't my tricorder scan pick it up?

BAM!! Lightning struck my brain. I hit 'scan' and found the stupid data chips in about 5 seconds, after an exhaustive 20 minute search.

Best part was, I read through the entire data chip, went to the terminal with newly gained knowledge in hand, read the question... umm... this isn't material I have studied yet... FAIL!!!

Aww man, 3 failed exams in a row. I am bound to be a career CADET at this rate...