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Originally Posted by ChibiClari View Post
The Romulan ship in Balance of Terror apparently could not warp while cloaked (the cloak apparently used too much power), but the fact that it hit at least three outposts that were not in the same solar system in a short span of time implies that it had at least some warp capability even if it was inferior to the Warp 8 that was standard for Federation and Klingon cruisers at the time.
The warp capability in that episode was an incredibly foolish error aimed at showing that the Romulan ship was slower without resorting to spitting around numbers like warp factors.
However with a tiny bit of background knowledge it made no sense.
Especially since the Romulan ship could fly back from the Federation outposts to the Romulan Neutral Zone under cloak, which would have taken months if not years without FTL.

In addition we know the ROmulans had access to at least a few D7s by the end of the 2260s and at the end of "The Enterprise Incident" the D7 following the Enterprise was gaining on her even though she was at Warp 9.
And by the time of the Narendar III incident the Romulans have had over 70 years to learn what made the D7 go that fast.
So I don't think that's the answer.