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Hi All, Thanks for a wonderful game. . .

Short Term Goal Ideas:

STOP Changing the Weapons! Plasma weapons (Ship and Personal) used to have a chance to do a certain amount of Plasma fire damage over time. . . Why is it gone? Damage Over Time Personal Weapons DOT3 did a guaranteed 5-8 radiation damage over 15 seconds in a 10' radius (at VA), It doesn't read that way anymore.

I Have Millions of ECs Invested into selling these Special weapons with all my chars. . . Why did you change it? It is what made those weapons worth selling and buying. . . If you dumb down each weapon type, then what is the difference between them. It also takes all the strategy out of the game! Different play styles become useless because all weapons are the same essentially., . .

Each Weapon class and type in the game should be unique, and play into our chosen skill points invested Skills. . . Each type can be used to attack opponents in many different ways. . . Which equals our play styles. . . Why dumb all of them down to be the same just a different type of damage, if we are to utilize our skills? Please keep these unique weapons Unique!

OK sorry about that rant. . . The weapon pop up statistics may be the problem, which then makes the above not apply. So please fix these pop ups. Please Leave ALL the information about the weapon in the pop ups.

Medium Range Goal Ideas:

Crafting: You Developers have been AWESOME at going to all the trouble to make 4 sub-systems on each star ship. You have given us several different strategies for controlling those sub-systems through skills and through consoles we can put in the ship. But even though I can craft Everything with ALL my chars. . . I can only make 3 engineering consoles through all the ranks until I reach Vice Admiral. . . Then at V.A. I can make and use all the consoles available. . .

But most of my crafting needs in game before Vice Admiral are for engineering consoles I can't make or use until VA. I need to be able to craft "Increased Power Consoles" for each sub-system that you put in the game. But they are not amoung the 3 you allow me to craft. I have to try to find them on the exchange. But who makes them? I can't on any of those consoles with any of my Fed or Klink chars. . . So where do they come from? See. . . ? The need for expanded crafting abilities? Why can't we make all our consoles for each rank? It just doesn't make sense to me. . . So there ya go. . .

Long Range Goal Ideas:

Can you folks, create crafting missions that give us the ability to create unique items, or perhaps all each of the fore mentioned consoles? Missions to get special blue prints to make new and unique sets? Not only ship power sets, but ship weapon sets, personal weapon, shield, armor and kit sets?

A bigger more detailed universe with more planets per system, more things to explore and scan, more tasks to perform, like saving civilizations, negotiating peace, stopping more planet killing events. . .

Flying from inside the wonderfully detailed bridges, having a use for all the interiors of the ships you created, like fixing our own battle damage from inside the engine room, navigational arrays, bypassing plasma relays from inside jefferies tubes, or at least sending repair teams to the indicated areas on a battle damage console inside the bridge. . . mini game perhaps?

Fighting and fixing things outside, of M or L class planets. Like sending an away team in space suites to fix some mining equipment on an asteroid with no atmosphere. . . Or fighting in space suites on the surface of a resource rich moon for a resource battle?

Finally, Is there any way to list your requirements for models and textures used in your game engine? I taught 3D animation and modeling at a local Art College for 12 years and I bet there are many more of us 3D savvy users, who would be tickled pink to help you with modeling objects, creating useful textures, and simple animations. . .
We could be one of your greatest resources. . . There are tons of modders out there, who LOVE the Trek Universe, and YOU ARE that Trek Universe that is left for us. . . Could we help you please?

I am a very good modeler, in Lightwave, and in Maya, have taught animation in both programs, and was a Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, so I can create any texture needed. . . I have used many more 3D modeling programs and texture creation programs than just those 3 as well. I believe I can say with certainty that I am not alone in wanting to help you to continue to succeed. . . Just another idea. . .

Thanks for listening and a Great Game, and for everyone who took the time to read this. Thanks ALL!