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10-04-2011, 04:53 AM

Very good idea.

Also take into account that the Devidian Arc includes some spoilers for later missions that need changing with the new progression chain.

While I like Captain B'Vat's appearance as a random Klingon (new player perspective), Franklin Drake as mission giver doesn't work at all anymore.
It was borderline retarded anyway to have him show up as a guy who knew me if I haven't encountered him before, but I could at least choose to not play Devidians until after the mission with the holodeck test.
I would recommend changing his contact appearance into a Intelligence Starfleet officer who appears a bit shady at most.
That would make our investment into hunting him down after his "defection" to the Romulans even bigger, cause we already know the guy.
Maybe even hint at what's to come into his contact dialog and delete all the open Section 31 references.