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10-04-2011, 05:29 AM
Originally Posted by sovereign254 View Post
Seriously. Removing the conduit's regeneration and moving the conduit itself inside its shield is not a fix. The first space part is still excessively difficult, too many spheres spawn and draw you into combat and slow you down. After about 30 attempts at the mission, I'm done attempting it until the 1 gate-at-a-time spawning is restored. (But this is unlikely, so all you people who would be saying that the devs won't change it can just not say anything.) Kthxbai.
Sorry man, it's back at the pre-broken point now, doubt it's going to change again. The space section was always a little bit of a gear/build check... well as much as and PvE section in the game.

You may just need to get some better gear or team up with some people that do it regularly.