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10-04-2011, 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by Munrock
Go back to your original post and thread topic title. You weren't asking for any T5 ship, you specifically put the Venture in your thread title, said it should have been different, and, in all-caps, 'MAKE THE SAUCER SECTION CIRCULAR!'

That's not calling for any T5 circular saucer, that's calling for the Venture to be replaced with a circular-saucered design. And then for the burning of all the other T5 ships except the excelsior retro because it's not got an ovoid saucer.

If you were just asking for a modern looking circular-saucered ship at T5, my response might have been "What a grand idea. They could modernize the look of the excelsior or constitution with the same kind of treatment they applied to the Galaxy with the Venture. Especially if it was a skin for the excelsior retrofit, which would let people use its transwarp without being in a time warp."

But you didn't ask for that, so I didn't say it.

The Akira was designed around the same time as the Sovereign and Intrepid, canonically. So it's not a closed book.
The title says "SHOULD HAVE BEEN" not "SHOULD BE." Additionally, Look at the content of my first post. I believe that is exactly what I stated. "I want a modern RA level ship with a circular saucer." My point was that I wish the most recent new ship design had been that of a circular saucer, not that the venture should be MADE INTO a circular saucer. Small distinctions are important. Therefore, I will accept your above stated response as the one you meant to give, and agree with it. Updated excelsior, ftw.