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The recent trouble with Stop the Signal highlights an incredible weakness in the gameplay structure offered on tribble f2p build atm.

It would appear to me that if this remains the way it is then Cryptic is potentialyl taking a huge risk on discontent if a bug appears in any episodic chain content that prevents the chain advancing forward due to not being able to complete the episode as this severly stunts the leveling of the player and their options to level when there is a block in the chain.

I can see new players getting really confussed and the old guard even more grumpy. ^^

More flexibility needed on progression rather than railway linear high risk change. Unless ofc Cryptic can guarantee bug free episodic chains whenever a new build is delivered onto Holo.

Apologies to all and sundry "use the search" pedantic grumpy folks if someone has already commented about this, glad your reading my comments anyways. :p