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10-04-2011, 06:36 AM
I agree that it seems like they can offer the helpful feature of chaining on the Episodes screen and highlight the current mission on your "agenda" on the Overview, but still allow missions to unlock freely by level and just show all unlocked missions on the Available screen. If you think of Available as "Expert Mode," then this should make sense even to new players. The main and first thing new players will see is the simple, linear itinerary planned for them, and they can follow it easily; and those who want to step off the path or who have been down it already can go straight to Available and pick what they want.

Making the agenda more obvious is a great change. Forcing people to follow it is not, for the main reason that a broken mission breaks the whole game, but also because it's just not needed in order to get the benefit of a more helpful itinerary for new players, and a lot of people will viciously dislike it.