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10-04-2011, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by Seancstew View Post
Hello all.

After playing through the mission chains with some of the people in my fleet. They really dont make sense, and, they are to restrictive, and frankly, not fun. they dont allow us to play the game the way we want to, and force us to play the game how YOU want us to.

Now, I understand that Cryptic wanted us to test the game from the perspective of new players starting out, however, it is difficult to do so due to the fact that we have those previous experiences of playing the game WITHOUT the strict mission progression.

The mission progression is, at least to me and the group that I play with, hugely restrictive. I do not want to HAVE to run the devidian missions prior to running the Doomsday machine, for example.

I would hazard a bet that others also feel this way.

Now, with the large number of complaints that people are making about the silver/gold matrix, I think that a great benefit to gold members would be Freeform (borrowed that from champions) mission progression.

Yes, let gold players have the ability choose what arcs they do in what order they do them.

For example, if a gold player chooses to do the city on the edge of never arcs prior to the devidians, so be it.

I understand that some missions have follow on missions, so you could chain them together after choosing the first mission.

I appreciate any comments on this. Thanks for reading.
+1 this, however it would unbalance PVP at low levels if you let some people go off and get the breen set, and other are stuck with MK IV blues and purples. (However I am a PvEr and I really want to just play my game, how I want and not have to wait until after the borg missions to get the breen set. That is one of my favorite arcs, and one I enjoy to grind.)