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10-04-2011, 09:47 AM
OK, having played with it over the weekend, I'm really not enjoying the new Mission Journal UI, primarily for what it leaves out:

It will never direct you to complete your tutorial missions.
It will never direct you to complete even one exploration mission.
It will never direct you to run a patrol.
It will never direct you to run a sector-defense mission.
It will never direct you to run a diplomatic mission.

And I'm pretty sure there's more it leaves out, but the net result is that you end up with a clot of missions that you get offered but will go uncompleted. That's whole sections of rewards that people will never get if they depend on this feature.

Worse luck, clicking on a mission in the new Mission Journal UI doesn't make it the primary mission, which means that its objectives will be buried, off the bottom of the screen. You'll be in the middle of an episode, trying to figure out what the next objective is, and your objectives window will be filled up with a long list of long-outleveled patrol, defend, and tutorial mission objectives that just happen to sort above it.

If nothing else, I feel like that left-hand large icon should always show the lowest-ranked mission in your journal, whether it's an Episodic mission or not. Failing that, I'd make the window a little taller, and put rectangular text buttons underneath the three big rectangular buttons, above the horizontal event scroller, for Next Patrol, Next Sector Defense, and Current Exploration zone.