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10-04-2011, 01:51 PM
It is very "winnable".

The key is have 2 tacs in escorts. Heck, they can even be beam escorts (mine was).

You have them split up per gate, and then the other 3 split up evenly. What the other 3 ships are isn't as specific, but hopefully you have at least one tac in a ship, tac/cruisers that know what they are doing will work.

Team#1: Tac/escort + sci or eng anything (keep your most offensive non tac/escort here)

Team#2: Tac/escort + everything else

With this setup once the 2 ship side takes out their side and then blast over to help with the other side while someone keeps a 3 minute timer going. Once there is about 45 seconds left, the 2 ships break off and rush back to their gate. (this is crucial, as they need to be prepared to nuke the gate as SOON as it drops its shields). If the timer is missed more than once, you are probably going to have some issues with ads.

Rinse and repeat till the gate is down, and then you mop it up. Works quite well as long as you have decent dps and smart players. Trying it without the 2 tac escorts though would be very hard, you would need some killer players to make it work.