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10-04-2011, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
I agree with you, except the "rear" thing. When I fight, I don't try to stay in thier rear, I just try to stay out of the 45' Front Arc. (if I know they are using Dual cannons/heavy cannons). I have seen some pretty good Gal-X pilots, it'j just not my bag.
It's definitely a ship that takes skill. If you're bad in a Galaxy-X, you're REALLY bad. If you're good, you can take on multiple opponents simultaneously without skipping a beat.

I can kill opponents without ever firing my lance once. Without ever cloaking once. Yes, these things make my kills very fast, but they are not my crutch.

I can load Beam Overload 2 with 3x forward Dual Beams (90 degree angle, not 45), and do tremendous damage that way, and you won't ever be in range of my lance.

I can lure you into my tail, where most Escorts WANT to be (very easy to do), throw EWP, Peng/Tricobalt down your throat at near point-blank before swapping power to engines with Evasive and Attack Pattern Alpha in a full reverse, bringing my ship in YOUR rear, at point blank, before you can even react (don't care how nimble you are... 3x beams and a peng/tri in your face with beam overload along with eject warp plasma will hurt, and unless you're silly and want to die, will force you to change course to recharge your lost shields/hull).

I only need my nose on you once, and only once (particularly after taking all that punishment less than 2 seconds prior). Especially in that scenario, at point blank and all my Tactical buffs ready.

Ship doesn't win the fight. The Captain does.

A good Galaxy-X pilot can tear apart any other pilot of any other ship of equal skill. Just takes tact, thinking outside the box, etc.

It simply saddens me that so few Galaxy-X pilots have these things... but it's okay, because when my opponents come to me expecting an easy kill, I can rip them apart and laugh at their blatant stupidity.