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10-04-2011, 05:06 PM
Conceptually speaking, I don't disagree with episodic break downs of missions. It allows you to present stories in a clearly linear fashion, where you can make sure people don't just skip missions or do them in the 'wrong order', especially where dialog refers to actions you've taken in the past.

What I disagree with is the manner in which we've attached episodes together, especially in some unusual groupings.

We see Franklin Drake as part of the Klingon Episode Arc - except we run into him, twice, 'before' the Devidian missions, even though the current progression places him "after".

Once in the Romulan Arc, where he's believed to be a traitor to Starfleet, and then again in the Cardassian Arc, where he does his usual Section 31-ness.

By the time the Devidian missions showed up, it was assumed the majority of the players had done the other content or at the very least all the involvement of him had "Chronologically" passed. But with F2P, you have players that haven't done these missions, which causes some continuity problems.

The Devidian missions should *definitely* be removed from the greater chain, and attached to their own "Devidian" Chain. While we're at it, we may want to reconsider how the Romulan Arc integrates the Remans into it.

Actually, Featured Episodes as a whole are kind of problematic. I am only lt. Cmdr 6 as of this writing, but it seems I can not access *any* of the Featured Episode content except the Klingon/Devidian stuff which I am in the middle of doing.

Has the nature of Features Episodes changed? Are we no longer doing them, and simply referring to them as just "Episodes" which act as mini-expansion packs? If so, does that means that you no longer get bonus items for doing the Episodes before a new Episode launches? And if that is the case, should you re-enable the old bonus content from the old episodes?

Fundamentally speaking, I understand people's concerns, but I think that the Episodes should be gated by levels of progression, rather than a single overwhelming linear arc.

Since the missions scale to your level, anyway, there's no reason why you should have to do them in order once you're 'level appropriate'.

Don't care about the Klingon Arcs? Just do patrols/explors/PVP. Quickly leveled up past Cardassian content? Just go do the Featured Episodes you skipped before, and unlock the Borg Content.

This gives people the ability to progress through all the arcs, or 'skip' through content without being tied to it, and also allows people to play the Featured Episodes anytime they wish.