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10-04-2011, 09:57 PM
Firstly I'm not a lifetime sub but I do despite the game going free to play plan to get one and donít be blasting me for saying that either I still find it to be more or less worth it, I plan to stay with the game as long as possible.

As it stands though I have a concern with going lifetime and while this may be an easy answer Iíd like some clarification since I canít seem to get a real straight answer though I may have missed it by accident. If the game goes free to play am I

A) Still able to get a lifetime subscription after the transition to F2P?
B) If so would I get all the same bonuses that one had prior to F2P? As in the borg captain specifically.
It kind of seems in the matrix under gold Premium Playable Species are unlockable, it kind of sounds like the borg captain would become buyable through the C-Store at that point. Iím also in agreement about the captainís table thing, I only just got access to it and wasnít all that impressed, I was kind of expecting it to be a little more useable in the sense of shops, tailors, shipyards and the likes. Itíll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the end.

Also as a side note to those lifetime subscribers who seems to have a mightier than thou attitude, Iím seeing a lot of you referring to those who still pay monthly subscriptions in anywhere from a slightly negative way to a very negative way basically stating that because we didnít get a lifetime subscription we didnít put the same ďgood faithĒ payment towards the game. *not all in this thread mind you but I have been seeing it a lot as of late*

Essentially to those lifers who have this elitism mentality, some of us who have been paying monthly have at this point ďinvestedĒ more into the game then some of the lifers here both subscription wise and C-store wise and in that sense I as a monthly subscriber *at the moment* am asking those who have this elitist mentality to please cut the crap and Iím not alone in that request, itís not like some of us monthly subscribers havenít paid the same investment amount over a period of time. we admit that it does give you a few nicer perks then us regular paying folk but it does not put you above us.