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10-04-2011, 10:03 PM
I was sure this posting would generate a lot of opinions from you all. Let me see if I can address some of the comments here, even though some were addressed earlier by another member of my team.

First, Tribble is a special case test environment like nothing we've done before. Nothing you have unlocked on Holodeck will appear as unlocked on Tribble. Tribble is a completely closed environment. We are isolating this environment so we can see how the game looks to players who are not arriving with 20 months of purchases behind them, and to see how the game holds up.

Once we finish this test cycle, we plan to return Tribble to the way it used to work. As far as we can tell, this is a one time kind of test for us. There is so much changing within the game, that we needed a more isolated environment in order to study and then correct the things we do wrong. It's already clear that we've messed up a bunch of things, and we're adapting and changing. I know that to many of you it feels like we're not doing much, but this is only the first build we have up. We're planning one build with fixes a week, so it may feel glacial to you, but we're working as quickly as we are able. This is going to be a much longer test than many previous runs. We're nowhere close to putting this on Holodeck.

Second, if you don't want to get Test Points any way other than through the free ones we give out, that's just fine. We are not going to force you to buy Cryptic Points just to get Test Points. We are just making the option available. There should quite a few free Test Points in the test environment.

I'm not insulted or even mildly surprised by the people who say they won't use this option. In fact, I fully support all of you who choose not to use this option. I'm not sure that I would use it either. Enjoy the free points and play with them.

For those that choose to get Cryptic Points for one reason or another, you get a bonus on Tribble. I tried to make it clear in the original text that the Test Points are a bonus for those that would buy Cryptic Points anyway, and not supposed to be a "make you pay to play". I'm sorry if I failed in my attempt to make that clear.

To make this concrete, imagine going to the grocery store and finding out that they will give you one doughnut for free today just for coming in. And then the grocer said that you'd get an extra free doughnut with each purchase of a half-gallon of milk. If you don't want milk, then you still get a free doughnut. If you were there to buy milk, you get an extra doughnut to take with you. We want the bonus Test Points to really be a bonus thank you to those that choose to buy Cryptic Points, and it saddens me that so many people choose to view this negatively instead of as a good thing.

Third, we are not applying the bonus Test Points offer to purchases of Cryptic Points prior today when we announced the offer. And we are not rolling over Cryptic Point balances. We're making this offer as a way to thank people for new Cryptic Point purchases.

Fourth, the new C-Store on Tribble will reveal our first attempt at how we plan to price items when the build goes live. We will likely revise the values before it gets live, however. When you see what is in the store, post your opinions in the Tribble forums. We'll be watching.

My goal is to make STO the best it can be. I'll certainly make mistakes. I'm human, after all. But I have the best interests of the game AND of the current community at heart.

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