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10-04-2011, 11:52 PM
I'm had this happen to me as well with a "Participate in Federation Colonization Assessment for the Arucanis Arm" assignment, and for me the completed tab never lit up so I couldn't even claim a reward or find out how the assignment turned out. Before the assignment I had 20 Doffs, after it completed, I counted 19 in my roster. And it wasn't a 'failure' issue or a 'disaster' result as far as I could tell since there was no chance of a disaster on that assignment and I've had failures before, you just get less reward or the boff goes into sickbay or something, for me nothing boff gone, not in sickbay (not even lit up) and no rewards... Nothing at all.

When the next assignment I had completed, the Completed tab lit up normally and I could get the rewards normally. It appears to be a bug when the assignment is being finished it never reaches the 'completed' status and just goes away taking any Doffs you had assigned to it with it into limbo. Id the Devs keep track of which Doffs are assigned to what assignment to check ratios and statistics, they may be able to track down if the issue is tied to the Doff, or the assignment or some combination of the two. (And they might be able to recover lost Doffs.) Kind of doubt they will, but if this bug goes live people will be ticked off if they lose a rare doff due to this bug. If it happens to someone that is a silver account it may drive them away from the game since if they work hard to get a doff, and then loose it due to a bug... man people will be angry.

Definitely not working as intended and this bug needs to be squashed before the Doff system goes to Holodeck as this isn't a bug that can be ignored without people getting angry. I bugreped it in game. Doubt they can do anything to replace the lost Doff though.

I'm now keeping a list of which Doffs I put on which assignment so the next time this happens I can tell the Devs which Doffs were involved since that might help them in tracking down and fixing this bug before the Doff system goes to Holodeck.