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02-22-2009, 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
It sounds like Daniel is the real brains behind what is or isn't in this game, from a core gameplay standpoint. Craig, then, is the guy who figures out the details and the other guys actually make it happen.

So if that's the case, then the entire reason anyone says "we don't have (feature) which is what makes Star Trek, Star Trek" we can blame Daniel?
Interesting. I got exactly the opposite impression: that Daniel is more of the daily "nuts and bolts of production" (tools, builds, QA) details guy, while Craig is the guy handling the larger-scale production decisions as well as making the design vision decisions that some gamer is always going to complain about...

...which sort of begs the question of what Al Rivera, the actual Lead Designer for this game, gets to do.

(Mini-rant: The above honestly drives me a little nuts. A "producer" ought to produce, and a "designer" or possibly "creative director" ought to design. That doesn't appear to be how it usually works in game development, though. Instead, producers -- and even, sadly, Executive Vice Presidents for Sounding Important -- all stick their oars in to push this or that bizarre feature ("and it's got to have a gigantic robot spider!") when they ought to be focusing on the high-level issues of general game production like labor management and budgets and major milestone payments and getting all the administrivia out of the way of the people actually implementing the game's features and assets. What they should not be doing is interfering with the consistent, coherent creative vision of a single individual who -- supposedly -- was hired for their game design talent and experience. That's how you get confusing, thematically random games that feel like they were designed by a committee... because they were. But meh. Idealistic moment over. :p)

At any rate, it's nice to get another peek into the sausage factory, even if interpretations of who's doing what vary....