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# 18 Guess I am the dumb one :/
10-05-2011, 02:12 AM
I wouldn't even think of the foundry to power level, how the bleep do you do that? The rewards for doing three foundry missions suck, the only exploit, if you could call it that. I ever found on foundry, was an easy way to get you kill accolades, but its not like you are not actually killing what you are supposed to be killing. You are, its just they are all in one spot, instead of searching a nebula or replaying a mission 20x over to fight 6 or 7 groups of the actual enemies your looking for. I will give you a prime example.

[Destroy Federation Ships] Okay where do I do that? A Crack in the Mirror, okay, how many do i get to kill, a whopping 4 ships! How long does it take to get to those 4 ships, 15 mins give or take. What does all of this equal, It equals me not getting the Fed Ship Kill Accolade any time soon is what it means lol.