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10-05-2011, 02:29 AM
I've done this mission as an Engineer and a Tactical Officer and both times I had my hull handed to me as a Lt flying a Light Cruiser fitted out with standard kit.

In both cases I revisited the mission at LC2 with the next tier of ship (Standard Load out). As a cruiser Captain I thinned out the Frigate Groups (they regenerate on what looks like a timed basis up to 5(?) Frigates) and also hit the Dreadnought hard and often enough to attract it's agro.

I then switched to survival mode while the Klingons pounded the Dreadnought and I did my best to keep most of the ships alive while delaying destruction myself.

As an escort it was about limiting the frigates to 1 or 2 while removing the shields from the Dreadnought. I coped a lot of damage as I still got every ship aggroing me.

In most every successful solo mission I died at least once and had to warp back to the damaged Dreadnought and a group of 5 frigates. The Dreadnought was, in the successful runs down to under 25% and the last Klingon, invariably fell as I approached the area.

I hit the dreadnought as hard as I could took it down and then made a bee line for the back side of the nearest asteroid to break LOS from the remaining support ships.

I found that they give up once you heal a bit then you can go back to clean things up if you are so inclined.

The point for me is that these are the same tactics I employed the first time around (as in, at launch) so i didn't feel that this was overly hard. Irritating yes, but there is more then enough other content in the immediate area to get you to LC1 or 2 to do the mission solo if you want to do it that way.

Just my 2 cents.