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10-05-2011, 05:25 AM
As i mentioned in the other thread, I'll state again here.

Play the mission up until dreadnought at whatever level you get the quest first go round.
Drop out, collect a group of other players who are also stuck, try to get the maximum size group, say 5 or so.
Make sure everyone has reached the same point of the mission "unforseen enemies" or somesuch.

Everyone drops in. 3-4 people take down dreadnought, other 1-2 focus on killing frigates to keep their friends clear of hostiles.

This should win the mission quite easily at anywhere from Lt7 onwards.
At this level, classes don't seem to matter, so don't worry if you have 5xSci or whatever.

I was using torp spread, energytoweapons, and the beam from the science officer (I forget what it's called right this second). Had the basic phaser banks, and a mk2 photon launcher, plus the largest capacity shield I could find.
Ended up just dandy.
Groups = win.