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10-05-2011, 05:26 AM
I for one am glad that they deleted those who exploited that natural leveling process. That's the problem with our today's society, we want it NOW! I and most worked hard and putting in time leveling. I for one stayed on for over 36 hours nonstop. I was furious when I learned people had pull a slick fast one. I'm taking this serious completing all epesiods, scanning anomallies for R&D, Counselor working my way up to Ambassador. They need to see how it all works in order to figure out what if any needs tweaking. By us taking short cuts doesn't help them when it's time to crunch the numbers.
For those of you leveling dont forget or put off diplomatic Corps that opens doors too. I got a rare scientist (Orion) with great abilities. So you have to put in allot of time. The benefits/rewards will be great.

Devs, thx for catching the exploit.

Semper FI