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10-05-2011, 05:32 AM
Stop the Signal got you down? Here's how to win it.
One semi easy way, one hard way, and one incredibly easy way
Method 1 This is the default and easiest to do solo. We'll call it No Mooks Out Today. The basic jist of Method 1, is to ignore the mobs and just stay on the Dreadnought at all times.
Just balance your shields, crank your weapon power, have full ranks in your boff's bo1, and spike the sucker every chance you get. Crank EPTS (that is Emergency Power to Shields) when the focus fire pours in the first time, then the npcs invariably take the aggro back off of you (since the aggro mechanics in this game are virtually non existent X enemy will always target Y where Y is whoever is doing the most dps to it rather than helping it's team mate)

If the focus fire gets to be too much lay off the hate on the dreadnought, crank your shield power (this is generally after EPTS has worn off... assuming you didn't have it maxed out on ranks like I Didn't.), eat an aux battery and pop hazard. (assuming you have hazard. If you don't just eat your sci team if your shields are that dangerously low)

Switch weapon power back on, when the hate fades off or when your shields are mostly recovered and finish the job. In my case, pump torp every time it's off of CD as even a torp hitting shields is still more dps than a single DBB hitting the target.

I had some unlucky warpcore from a couple npcs hit me so I had to go defensive during method 2 (as the klink npcs actually focus fired a couple of frigates) once, and then after that I laid the hate on heavy and thick.

Conversely you could also, while your shield power is cranked crank a weapon battery every chance you get and spike with bo1, so even in turtle mode you don't necessarily have to lose your punch if you think you are that close to beating the npc. I had my engines set to 25 power the whole time, and was able to stay on one or two facings really easily with only adjusting my throttle maybe once. And those klink npcs -will- help you pound the thing down.

It's far from the unbeatable monster that the 'casuals; are trying to paint it as.

I did it with two very different methods, the first (Warp Core Torpedo) was the more advanced and far more difficult method, due to the sheer number of variables involved and the horrid movement capabilities of the Frigate.

Both times however I had a very unfavorable setup and didn't even have a single console equipped on my ship.

As far as "elite skill" goes, there's really not much you can do in a Miranda in my opinion to eek -that- much more mileage out of it. It's a garbage ship and it really is that poor of a vehicle. Especially with a DBB and Torp as your only effective weapons. (yeah that's right for once the default weapon loadout on a ship is superior to what I fielded)

I'm 90 percent sure I could have done it easier on method 2 even had I a beam array upfront so I could broadside the dreadnought (as 2x beam arrays is more dps vs shields than a dbb and photon torp) and heck for gravy I -know- it would have been easier with consoles and non Standard Issue Shields.

Method 2, is quite abit more tricky especially in the horribly under powered Frigate. It's much easier to do in a shuttle, but piloting a shuttle requires very intensive power level management, the actual piloting part in this mission is easy enough and if you do it right you'll get plenty of second shots with the warp core torpedoes.. I mean frigate spawns. If you are doing it in a shuttle you'll find it much more rewarding and it teaches you more about power management. the Frigate can get somewhat frustrating since it's a dog in terms of agility.

The aim here is to spike the frigates with BO1 and a torp and as much hate as you can throw as close to the dreadnought as you can. You want the frigates warpcores to detonate if possible point blank on the hull of the dreadnought or on the shields without frying your friendly and oh so competent pilot npcs (they are anything but during this method I have Warp Core Killed half the NPCs on two different attempts and the dread and future spawns finished off what was left). However when it pays off it's utterly hilarious.

You will be hitting the dreadnought very little as you are trying to get the hate of individual frigates (or just try to torp spread them to death if they get in a group around the dread that might work too but I have not tested this yet). You'll have them chase you in the way that npcs lazily amble about, get close and then blam you spring the trap and nuke the frigate next to the dread.
It can take alot of practice of managing your weapon power vs shield power (I also recommend making sure your engine power is set to 50 in full on shield power mode), and positioning is difficult due to the variables.

If you've got fraps or use Demorecord though the video you can have for posterity would be just awesome.
Method 3 is the easiest of all, seek help. There's going to be plenty of people that have not beaten this one yet solo. However with 2 players, the mission gets incredibly easy especially with Method 1 employed. if no one wants to, and you are still unwilling to give it another go keep at it. I promise you'll find someone helpful enough to do it with.