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10-05-2011, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by Starbach
so....I find this thread, I join the channel. I ask does anyone have any constructive advice and I get a smart reply. Real friendly and I want to say THANK YOU......You would think that being in an organized pvp channel that you could ask a question like that but.....I guess that's not the case wow....what a great reception. So I guess that new people aren't really welcome here. That's good to know, also it's good to know that asking questions about advice won't be answered or taken seriously. So since that's the case and my dollar is just as good as the next person's......Cryptic you need to put out MORE information about what it takes to succeed in PVP please.
I don't know if it was you, but I replied to someone asking for general pvp advice to "be humble"

No it's not a put-down. You do know that most pilots in opvp are... well... pvp'ing in matches and can't really type if they're busy fighting

In PvE:
If you afk and autofire you will beat most NPCs in this game, ground or space
You're the center of attention
Everyone will praise you and compliment on what a great service you've done for the federation

In PvP:
You're NOT the center of attention
You WILL blow up a lot, because there's a very steep gap in terms of being effective in PvE and PvP
It's the only form of gameplay in STO that involves teams

"Be humble" means you swallow your pride if you get blown up, and think about how the guy killed you. What buffs did you see when you were targeting him? How did you setup your officers?

There are no tooltips or tutorials cryptic can put out regarding PvP, because they themselves don't pvp to any sense of respectability. Just look at PvE. That is how they view their customers. Not capable of being challenged more than autofire/afk.