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10-05-2011, 09:04 AM
I have not seen this issues though I do believe it exist. It seems to affect ATI cards much less from what I have seen on the forums. I would suggest one thing and I am sure you probably have done it but I will suggest it so it is on the record.

A week or two ago my game suddenly went from being butter smoother on my three screens to being utter crap unless it was set to one screen only. I tried different driver versions, I tried various settings and none of it helped and I was getting really ****ed off.

So I made STO do a full systems file verification and while it reported nothing was wrong after the verification it now runs better than before. Give it a shot it might clear up some issues for you though it will not fix the coding issue it might help some.

Oh hey I just thought of this lol. It is a OLD trick I used to use when the timing would get off in a game that did not like multiple core CPU's and would screw up the animations or the game play or whatever. Try to manually assign the CPU part of STO to you least loaded core and manually set what you can to keep that core semi free. It can also work to set it to the second or third most used core if you have more than two and for it onto that thread. I have not done this in a while but when I used to do it it would give me some noticeable performance increases. It will not fix your issue nor will it be like having a brand new CPU for STO but it might get you enough to make the issues bearable or not as noticeable.