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10-05-2011, 12:47 PM
There's been debate on this in other threads. Here's some suggestions that I had that I think will smooth over some of the issues, at least they're a compromise for everyone.

1.) Lock the Silver members, but give them llimited skips for broken/too hard missions. Gold players free from the rails and can level as they want.

2.) Unlock each front and it's chain seperarely. As the OP stated, keep them like the FE's so that you have to play them order. This way the story stays intact for people who run a front, but it doesn't lock you up 100% as it does now.

3.) Keep the Overview as it is, with Episodes listed in order as they're presented, giving the previously mentioned 'advanced' players the options they desire.

I'd move both the Devidians and the Reman FE missions later into the arcs. Both sets of missions refer back to other episodes in the normal progression of Episodes. Make THOSE the prerequisites. The first encounter with the devidians the Episode has you solving a mystery and learning how to deal with the Devidians. Then Admiral T'nae and her referencing the Iconians and you encountering them previously, at the ending of the Romulan arc.

Both of those really throw the arcs and storylines out of wack.

The Breen/Deferi missions should be locked until you run the trade mission on SB-39, seeing as the Ambassador tells you when you start that he was impressed with how the trade talks wrapped up.

Personally, I have several characters on live, and I don't want to have to deal with every single mission over and over again exactly as they're 'supposed' to be played as I have done them before.

I do like the level scaling feature, and am glad that's in. I'd actually prefer it to apply game-wide between Patrol missions, explorations in the lower clusters as well as episodes. ( Rewards need to scale too, being a Commander getting MK 3 items sucks.)