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10-05-2011, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by SirPretorius
Trust me, KA and all the other STF's are EASY as long as you are in a good fleet like mine... We 2 maned infected for crying out loud!
mine 3 maned KA the other day after the first part. 2 of us lost they internet. (from the storm)

its easy, down everything, leave tac up, drag tac over to right gate, as soon as in place, blow it up, when it goes up it does about 8% damage to the gate and hurts a few probes.

now both of your tactical captains should have AOE damage, if not you failed right there. i use torp spread, while the other who uses a dread has fire at will, and torp spread. they should know how to use these attacks so im not explaing it!

everyone down everything but one sphere on the right gate, the other 4 full impulse to the left gate, dont forget to use your AoE, as long as you keep they aggro they will NOT go thru the gate. down them all. remember that sphere, now destory it, and target the gate, you have 2 mins before it goes down, maybe less pending on how long it take you to kill the left side. after this gate is destoryed. (takes my fleet 3-5 times of attack.

now the left gate. easy as pie if you ask me, one of our cruisers picks up aggro of one of the cubes it kites it away from the gate, (she generally takes it over to where the other gate was). and blow up the second cube, if you can time it right, it will hurt the gate also. dont forget to take out the probes and spheres coming out of the gate. sooner or later this gate will fall before your might, now kill last cube that you should have kited cause if you didnt more spawn. when its destroyed say grats you just got thru the hard part!